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Baked Pasta

All of our pastas are topped with pecorino and parmesan.

Cannelloni £9.75

Spinach and ricotta filled cannelloni in a cream sauce on a tomato base

Lasagne £9.75

Layers of pasta and beef in a rich tomato and bechamel sauce

Tortellini £9.75

Ravioli £9.75

Prosciutto filling in a cream and ham sauce

Spinach and ricotta filled pasta parcels in a tomato and basil sauce

Additional Toppings

£1: peppers, mushroom, salami, olives, rocket, bresaola, egg, balsamic onions, friarelli, watercress, capers.

£1.50: fiordilatte, prosciutto, anchovies, gorgonzola, goats cheese, pine nuts, sausages, sundried tomatoes, pecorino, tuna, taleggio, nduja

£2: buffalo mozzarella, potted shrimps,

aubergine, artichoke



(Vg)= Vegan   (C)= No Cheese   (N)=Nuts   (V)=Vegetarian   (W)=No Tomato

Tomato, flordilatte mozzerella, parmesan, basil, olive oil

Margherita £8/£5.85

Pinoli (Vg) (C) (N) £9.25/£7

Tomato, oregano, garlic, artichoke, pine nuts, aubergine, chillies

Padova £9.50/£7.25

Tomato, taleggio cheese, roasted peppers, cooked prosiutto, olive oil

Zucchini (V) £9.50/£7.25

Tomato, goats cheese, balsamic onions, sundried tomatoes, watercress

Basil pesto, flordilatte, goats cheese, garlic, courgette, lemons, olives

Formaggio di Capra (V) £10.25/£7.75

Pescatore £10.25/£7.75

Tomato, flordilatte, tuna, anchovies, roated onions, capers, parmesan

Gamberetto (W) £11.50/£8.50

Buffala, Morecambe bay potted shrimp, capers, rocket, lemon, parmesan

Salsiccia e Friarielli (W) £9.50/£7.25

Flordilatte, peppered sausage, wild broccoli, chillies, parmesan

Prosciutto con Rucola £9.50/£7.25

Tomato, flordilatte, prosciutto, rocket, parmesan

Veronese £9.50/£7.25

Tomato, flordilatte, portobello mushrooms, prosciutto, parmesan

Salami Napoli £10.50/£8.25

Tomato, flordilatte, chilli sausage, nduja sausage, prosciutto, chillies

Quattro Formaggi £10/£7.50

Tomato, buffalo mozzarella, pecorino, gorgonzola, parmesan

Quattro Stagioni £10.75/£8.25

Tomato, flordilatte, olives, artichoke, peppers, portobello mushrooms

Capricciosa £10.50/£8.25

Tomato, flordilatte, prosciutto, artichoke, olives, egg, parmesan

Calzone (folded pizza) £11/£8.25

Minced beef in tomato sauce, mushrooms. cheese, cooked prosciutto

Calzone Verdure (folded pizza) (V) £11/£8.25

Goats cheese, sundried tomatoes, friarielli, mushrooms, roasted onions