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All our drinks are the perfect accompaniment to our food, whether your choose an alcoholic drink or a soft drink.

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Bottled Beers and Cider - from £3.25

Peroni, Gluten Free Peroni, Magners, Mela Rosa, La Bassa [330ml £3.25]

Peroni [620ml £5.25]

Soft Drinks - from £1.50

Santal fresh apple/orange/peach juice [£1.75]

Still or sparkling mineral water 250/750ml [£1.50/£2.75]

Coke/diet/sprite, ginger beer, San Pellegrino mixed flavours [from £1.75]

Liqueurs - from £4.00

Limoncello, Amaretto, Sambuca, Frangelico [£4.00]

Grappa di Moscato [£5]

Wines (by the glass/carafe/ bottle) from £3.75/£17

A selection of red, white and rose, please see our wine board

Buon Vino

Our coffee is sourced from Exchange Coffee, a coffee roasters and tea merchants based in Lancashire and Yorkshire. In order to ensure freshness, Exchange Coffee hand roast to order in small batches with great care. Having won multiple awards for their range, we are proud to brew Exchange Coffee here at Miaitalia.

Exchange Coffee

Our wine selection is sourced from sourced from Buon Vino, who provide high quality wines from across the world to a variety of businesses in the North West. Based in Settle, Buon Vino are passionate about naturally produced wines, and encourage people to embrace the authentic - such as natural unfiltered wine. We are proud to promote Buon Vino's sentiments at Miaitalia.

coffee wine board

Draught beer - from £2.75


Available by half pint [£2.75] or pint [£4.50]

Santal ice tea, peach/lemon [£1.75]